Scream Break


Scream Break 2013 – March 29th & 30th

Thanks to all who came to the Haunted Trail and ran in the Scream Break Challenge!

Where is Deadwood Hollow? DIRECTIONS


Saturday, March 30th – 3pm - Registration Form Below


The Scream Break Challenge is a 5k obstacle course filled with mud, water, hills, slopes, ropes and fire! And if you think that sounds easy, your biggest challenge will be the fear of what is hiding in the woods waiting to keep you from your goal. The dreadful elements of the terrain combined with the unknown scares are going to make this your toughest course yet! You will be chased. You will wonder if you can endure. Your brain will be infected with doubts that you will ever see the finish line.

Individual registration will be $30.00. Sign-in starts at 2pm day of race. Three start times are available at 3pm, 3:30pm and 4:00pm. Individuals and teams are welcomed. Teams MUST be 4 members. Team discount is $100.00 for 4 members. Early registration ends March 10th. The fee increases $10.00 (to $40.00) until day of race. Day of race fee will be $50.00. Team fees also increase by $10.00. All pre-registered participants are guaranteed an event t-shirt, car decal,and 1 admission ticket to Deadwood Hollows Scream Break Friday or Saturday night.

The race will be timed. Medals will be awarded to the winners. Winning categories include: Overall Male Winner, Overall Female Winner, Overall Team Winner, Teen Male Winner (13-18), Teen Female Winner (13-18), Junior Male Winner (under 13), Junior Female Winner (under 13)




Simple map showing the Deadwood Hollow property with the orange line being the race course. Arrows show the direction the runners will travel. The start and finish lines are at the same location at the edge of the Parking Lot.

SB_Challenge_elevation graph

Here is an elevation chart of the course from starting line to finish line.


This map shows Area’s. Below is a list of the obstacle in each Area. Note that some obstacles are not listed, they are usually simple ones like a tree fallen over the path or a rope web blocking a path you may have to ‘climb through’.

AREA A – Area A starts at the Start line, travels out the Deadwood Hollow driveway and onto County Rd 130. This route takes the runner around the edge of the property and into a second DWH driveway. Once in front of the Cabin, the runner will divert through the front yard and cross the creek (easy to get in, muddy climb out). Note: this part of the creek is usually dry but may be running due to recent rains. This part is very shallow if it is running. After climbing out of the creek the runner will take the edge of the parking lot field where many obstacle are. A couple of climb over’s, a few hurdles, a balance log, tires, a muddy crawl under and finally you have to cross the creek again (hard to get in, easy to get out…and same note about running water applies here). After the creek the runner will run a short distance before reaching Area B.

AREA B – Area B is all uphill. There have also been some Zombies spotted in the area.

AREA C – Area C begins the downhill journey through the trees. It’s a treacherous path which at the bottom (half way through Area B) you have to jump across a semi-narrow stream. After crossing the stream the runner has a good trail before getting to part of the actual Scream Break Haunted Trail. At this point the runner actually runs through the Trail the wrong way. They will get to see some of the behind the scenes stuff as they run….but the monsters will still be lurking in this area after the stream crossing.

AREA D – Area D continues the run through the Haunted Trail. You may experience a few scare scenes and some Zombies will certainly be lurking in the corn, but the actual obstacles are few here.

AREA E – Area E is a nice trail with several natural obstacles in the runner’s way such as trees to jump and climb over. Zombies have been spotted in this area.

AREA F – Area F is a crazy up the hill, down the hill, up the hill and then down the hill again trek that is a new path…not very well worn. It will have some unsure footing and a couple of natural obstacles.

AREA G – Area G is really infected by crazy things! You must go into the creek to survive! This part of the creek always runs. It is not deep enough to swim, but you will encounter some knee deep areas. The creek has a few of it’s own obstacles.

AREA H – Area H is a nice clean run toward the finish line. A clear path and some true sprint ability. Oh, but watch out, there may be a fire to jump over towards the end!

Happy running!


This year’s Scream Break Challenge benefits Cramer Children’s Center in Florence, Alabama. Run for a good cause!

The Cramer Children’s Center was formed in 1992 to address the needs of child abuse victims in our area. We are a nonprofit organization, providing forensics and counseling at no cost. The Cramer Children’s Center is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance.